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Articulate Studio 13 or Storyline, that is the question!


I recently have had the opportubity to use and compare Articulate Studio 13 suite and articulate Storyline.

Note: I am usually the Lectora guy and have used it for most of the last 10 years in all it iterations. I like it and all the power that it provides.

But a client asked I try to use both these products and help them evaluate which to use in-house.

I recognise that Studio is more of a rapid learning development tool and that it may “seem” easier to use, but in my reality, Storyline wins hands down. Here are my reasons:

1. You can import the same PowerPoint file into both so no difference there.

2. Storyline allows you to trigger and display actions, screens, buttons and the like where Studio requires that most of those interaction are created in the limited Engage app and then insert, but has limited capabilities.

3. I use Character Builder to add avatars and Text to Speech both with video and audio. Studio has problems with many MP4 type media files while Storyline accepted everything I threw at it.

I think this might be because Studio is tied to PowerPoint, a Microsoft application where Storyline is not. This is of particular importance when mobile, tablets = iOS iPads.

The predominant device is the iPad, at this time, and Storyline just plays better with it than Studio.

I know Studio will publish to HTML5 and all but the media inside the document just is pickier.

4. For a similar cost and a few more hours of training, you have a more robust, scalable, and future forward application in Storyline, while Studio will always have some limitations to allow for “ease of use”.

So as an Instructional Designer, I will and would pick Storyline, that is when I am not using Lectora.

And why is Storyline not my first choice? Well that’s another post! 🙂

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