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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The WordPress Bits – Building an LMS in WordPress, Part 2


This is the second in a series of posts on “Building an LMS (Learning Management System) in WordPress”.

I have been using various kinds of Learning Management Systems over the years including commercial and open source.

First we need to clarify that this is using the software from and not the blogging option available at

  • Hosted by WordPress, named by WordPress which means your web address will have at the end of it
  • Limits to what can be set up on your site
  • You can’t upload and use plugins
  • If you just want a blog, it’s perfect!

  • Free use of WordPress software
  • Thousands of free and premium plugins
  • You control what is included, access, etc.
  • You must have a domain name

WordPress is just the Software which includes:

  • a Theme – what the pages will look like
  • Pages and posts – this is where your courses/content resides
  • Plugins – the bits of software you choose to create the LMS you want

Choosing a Theme

  • A theme, that will respond/work with mobile devices, these are usually called “Responsive” themes and look for the type of device your learner is using
  • A theme that will work well with your LMS plugin, many plugins have themes that work better with them than others, so make sure your theme works with the LMS plugin you decide to use
  • Simple to use, and customize, we like plugins that are simple to use


  • Most Wordadequate Press sites, themes or plugins do NOT have security built in. While has all the security built in, not as much is included in the .org software. So it is important for you to protect your site as best you can
  • A security plugin like iThemes Security is required to protect data and site
  • Simple to use, just answer questions / choice options

In the next issue, I will talk about what I was looking for and what I found for LMS plugins in WordPress.

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