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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

My LMS Needs -Building an LMS in WordPress, part 3


This is the next article in a series on Building an LMS in WordPress.  In the last part, we talked about WordPress and it’s features and requirements. Click here to view part 1. Now let’s look at what I needed and wanted in an LMS even if it is built in WordPress. Here are the items you will need before you start:

  • a domain name
  • a hosted site/server space
  • download of the WordPress software from
  • a general or good idea of what you want this LMS to do

If you have a company website or a blog then you likely use a hosted site that you pay for each month. You can use this existing site and just ass your WordPress LMS to it if you wish. I choose to create a new site under the same server for my LMS. My reasoning is, it will be easier for other companies to point to a specific site rather than a subset of a corporate site. As I mentioned in the last post, I have used a lot of open sourced or Commercial LMSs over the years. What I was looking for is an LMS that was SIMPLE for users to use and for me to create or customize. So here is what I was looking for in an LMS…

  •                 Easy, simple LMS to offer my own courses on
  •                 eCommerce capable
  •                 Able to host other companies
  •                 Quizzes, Badges and Certificates
  •                 Able to run Articulate Storyline and/or Tin Can API
  •                 Mobile/tablet (iOS) ready or usable
  •                 This is not a big list but all are important to me.

All of these items were important to me, so the LMS plugin I choose fit the bill. It is important for you to write down what you want/need in an LMS before searching. This ensures you get the right fit. So what did I find? well I found there were more LMS plugins than I imagines. Here are 4 that I thought were interesting… LearnDashWPCourseware   Namaste LMS WPLMS











In no way is this group complete, these are the ones I found to closely match my requirements. In the next issue, I will you which one I chose, why and what other plugins I selected to make up my LMS “system”.



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