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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

What LMS Plugins DId I choose? – Building an LMS in WordPress, part 4


In the last issue I talked about the numerous LMS plugins that were available. Each has it’s own “take” on what features and options an LMS should have. I also looked at a lot of other plugins that would help me create the type of LMS I wanted to offer.

Here are the plugins I chose, and why…


LearnDash was the LMS plugin I chose. I liked the ability and features, I like that development is on going and I like the the developer is involced in the Learning space as well. This is not to say other developers weren’t, just that this plugin best fit ME!


I also added the following plugins..

Badge OS Badge OS has a direct integration with LearnDash and allows me to create   learning/accomplishment badges, Leaderboards, etc. This adds some gaming challenge features to my LMS.


IThemes Security

iThemes Security was recommended to me and once I uploaded the free version, I liked it a lot! It is simple to install and you just answer the questions, resolve the faulty elements and you have enhanced security on your site. This was important to me to preserve learners identities and also, because I was going eCommerce, added security.

Insert ArticulateThis plugin gave me options to insert Articulate Storyline content, which was important for me, as much of my development is in Storyline these days.

and finally for this issue,

Log In Widget

This Login Widget, ensured that a learner could sign in to my LMS from any page and log off just as easily.


Next issue, we will address the eCommerce plugins and more.



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