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Can MOOC work for you?


learn in stoneWhat you say  is a MOOC?

It stands for  — a massive open online course or what we used to call Webinars. It seems someone has come up with yet another acronym for an old method of getting information from one person to a lot of people.

At one time we used Town Hall meetings to keep staff up o date, then came web based systems and we called those same meetings webinars. Now it’s a Massive Open Online Course.

Hmm, this seems like what Oprah did when she and Eckhart Tolle did with his book and millions of people logged in to watch and listened. It is a great way to get your message across or just present to a large number of people what skills you have. The important bit here is the content, if it is not solid then people won’t be engaged and you will lose them forever.

I strongly recommend this type of online learning when Senior management want to disseminate information or policy to a large group but for good quality learning, smaller more manageable groups up to 20 is better.

So my question to you is, do you prefer smaller web based groups for learning or MOOC’s?

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