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    Moving Content to the Digital Realm

    eBooks are fast becoming the norm for many books, documents and other materials / content being moved to the web and to digital eReaders and tablets like the iPad. I have commented before on this blog about using iPads or tablets in the classroom and for mobile learning and I support that completely. This blog…

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    Connectivism in Learning

     This article came from the Huffington Post’s Stephen Downes, who is becoming very knowledgable about connectivism. What is connectivism? At its heart, connectivism is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks. Knowledge, therefore, is not acquired, as though…

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    Can MOOC work for you?

    What you say  is a MOOC? It stands for  — a massive open online course or what we used to call Webinars. It seems someone has come up with yet another acronym for an old method of getting information from one person to a lot of people. At one time we used Town Hall meetings…

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    What is an Avatar and Why Use Them?

    An avatar is an animated image used in eLeanring. Avatars can look like people and even look like personalities. But why use them? Studies have shown that when a learner sees and hears a person like figure in an online lesson, they try harder to learn and understand the information being taught. Some companies have…

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    Free online learning! Where?

    Does this screen capture look familiar? If you are interested in lots of free learning for you and your organization, you should know of it. It’s Apple’s iTunes U. iTunes U is a gold mine of FREE online learning and a knowledge base every organization should be tapping. You can find eveything from MBA Business…

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    CSTD Learn @ Work Week

    As anyone who has been reading my posts knows, I am a big proponent of companies who invest in the knowledge their employees aquire. I was happy this past week at a client’s to see them promote and advertise what they are doing for the Canadian Society for Training and Development’s (CSTD) Learn @ Work…

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    The cost of using eLearning

    I am contacted weekly by companies or individuals that are interested in having eLearning developed for their organisations. What many don’t understand is what it costs and what is required to create and deploy GOOD eLearning content. Well I’m here to tell you that for every hour of good eLearning, it is going to take,…

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    Outmodels in the wild

    This is an amazing article/statement along with the photo I found on Flickr. It is so cool I had to present it here as part of my eLearning blog. I would love to hear what you think of it! An organized system of learned behavior that is a total way of life of a people….

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Glenn Preston is a highly knowledge and skilled Learning Specialist with the ability to build and facilitate learning solutions that work.

He is a strong leader with proven expertise in learning design, learning technologies and project management.

His background includes many years experience in both public and private organizations; covering management, consulting, operations, business and systems analysis.

Glenn is a member of
- Canadian eLearning enterprise Alliance (CeLEA)
- The B.C. Premier's Technology Council on eLearning


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