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Check your tech please!


I am blessed to work with some great organizations, some who have offices throughout the land and outside of Canada.

When I start to consult, and develop elearning modules for these organizations, there is one question I always ask.

“What shape is your technology in?”

What I mean by that is, are your computers capable of handling the type of learning and media you want me to create for you. Many companies haven’t asked that question, and when they do, they realize there will be limitations to what elearning will look like.

It can be frustrating for a non-tech department to start developing great simulations or interactive learning content only to find out it won’t work everywhere it needs to be deployed.

So let’s look at some of the functions an Instricutional Desinger may want to use to make the elearning more interesting, engaging and interactive:

  • Video
  • Audio including Text to Speech audio voiceover
  • game like features
  • animations
  • complex branch channels to help the learner with critical thinking
  • Ability to use learning on tablet devices such as iOS and Android (which means HTML5)

The results of your query can save you time but could also create costs for you or your client. For example, if every computer or “device” needs a headset to listen to audio (as many organization use open cubicle systems) then there is an additional cosyt for all the headsets. If you consider using a 3D Virtual Meeting/learning space, then a microphone needs to be part of that headset.

So try to consider these added costs up front or as part of your project or if you have the opportunity, create a project on it’s own to ensure all devices have all the components needed for you to create awesome and inspring learning.

PSSSST PowerPoint on steroids is NOT engaging!

So for eLearning consultants and the people who hire them, “Check your tech first!

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