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Basic eLearning

Creating a working virtual classroom space


When one is starting to create a virtual classroom space for their organization, many questions arise. This article we hopefully help you answer some of those and make your first session a brilliant one.

Tip 1
Content from the real classroom doesn’t always carry over well. Consider some of these factors..
… you can’t read the faces of the people in the room so other forms of feedback will be important to ensure they comprehend, such as polls or asking open ended questions

Tip 2
Keep your session to a maximum of 120 minutes and preferably 90 minutes. People’s concentration after this amount of time is challenging while listening remotely. Make sure to break up how the session is structured to keep them engaged, such as..
… polling them or asking for questions, showing a short video or captivate type demo, break into smaller groups and assign a question for them to answer, show slides or a live demo.

Tip 3
Remember that a person can only concentrate on a subject for about 7 – 10 minutes, so make sure you change activities around that amount of time for better retention.

Tip 4
Use full screen mode as much as possible to prevent learners from trying to perform other work while in the session. The more dedicated they are to learning the more they will retain.

Tip 5
If the session is part of a series, then have an assignment for the learners to complete in between sessions. This helps then retain more information on the subject and will also prepare them for the next session.

Tip 6
Use a moderator, their job is to…
.. Start the session and ensure all systems are working, everyone can here, etc.
..provides learners with any rules to follow during the session like raising their hand or asking a question
.. Moderator will monitor question/chat room and forward pertinent questions or comments to knowledge expert(s). This relieves the KE from this task and allows them to better present the material.

Tip 7

Try to have more than one knowledge expert to talk, (as well as the moderator). This will change the tone that learners hear, or use recordings within slide decks to keep learners engaged.

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