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CSTD Learn @ Work Week


As anyone who has been reading my posts knows, I am a big proponent of companies who invest in the knowledge their employees aquire. I was happy this past week at a client’s to see them promote and advertise what they are doing for the Canadian Society for Training and Development’s (CSTD) Learn @ Work Week which is September 20 – 24th, 2010.

Here is part of what the CSTD says on their web site…

“It is well documented that Canadian firms are falling behind in investing in skills development. However, it is also well documented that learning has a positive impact on key business measures such as job performance and productivity. This weeklong celebration includes a number of activities and events designed to promote the importance of workplace learning and performance to key stakeholders and the public-at-large.

Goals of the Learn @ Work Week

  • To raise awareness of the impact of workplace learning
  • To celebrate the best practices of workplace learning
  • To celebrate the success of the ‘learning organization’”

So my question to you readers is, What is Your company doing to enhance your learning?

Ask your Manager or executives and even your HR department, what has been planned for this week, or for any week of the year.  If there is nothing happening, ask why and try to get people talking about the importance of learning at work, and what kind of strategy can be put in place to increase the learning options within your orgnaization.

Some are doing it right, many are ignoring the benefits to an informed and educated workforce.  The benefits to all, employees and companies are immense!

image from CSTD web site

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