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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Do You Sell a Product? Then you need an LMS


Many companies or organizations are selling a product, whether it be software or hard goods, or their a Not-for-profit that has a great workshop they want more people to see or complete. Many of these great organizations don’t realize that one component they may be missing is teaching your customer/client what or how to use the product.

Many large companies know that when you give the customer lots of information, like:

  • how the product works
  • how to use the product
  • tips and tricks to making the product more useful
  • recipies, if the product relates to food
  • general safety information or handling

All of this information needs to be online and available 24/7 for your customers. Everyone “Googles” now a days to get the information they need, and if you don’t have instructional videos or good product information, then those customers are unlikely to recommend you or your product.

Typical scenario:

  • Customer buys product and takes it home
  • Everyone is happy for the new thingy and so rips opens the packaging
  • somehow the instructions or operating manual get put out in recycling with all the packaging
  • now owner of your product needs to learn how to use it.

This is where a simple LMS can come in handy. You may ask the customer to register, but that gives you information you want even if it is just a name or email address so you can communicate with the in the future.

Do you have Channel Partners?

If you have others, like channel partners that need detailed information on your products so they can resell them, creating an LMS for them to sign into and complete learning is mandatory, especially if your channel partners are spread over the globe.

From my previous series, Building an LMS using WordPress, on  it is not that costly or difficult to set up an LMS and will do your company and products a world of good. It is good will for customers, it shows channel partners your are invested in their success as much as yours, and it just makes getting or learning information easier.


Many NFP’s think that they can’t afford an LMS. as I showed in my series, $500 or so and some time is all that is required. I know of one group taking a classroom workshop and putting it online, so more people can learn and understand their mission, and engage is positive community work, like they do.

So, if your are a small company, that sells products/software, then you need to consider making content available on the internet. YouTube is great for videos, but if you need to have a bit more control, then an LMS is the answer.

Don’t hide content about your product, let it out into the open for all to see and learn from!



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