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eLearning Gets a Boost from Apple!


So Monday was the World Wide Developers Conference keynote by Steve Jobs and his Apple buddies. A lot was introduced during the 2 hours but one thing sprang out at me for teachers and trainers in the classroom.

You will now be able to mirror you iPad 2 via wifi (and an Apple TV) to projection screens/TVs. Before you had to hard cable to the TV and it was cumbersome and clumsy but now, a bunch of thought providers with iPads could connect to an Apple TV and show what they have on their ipad to their students! Love it!

Think about being able to rome around the room and talk about a subject while student are engaged with the projections on the screen and then a second content provider, uses the same screen to add additional information or video or whiteboarding.

So now when your asked what you want in terms of technology, ask for iPad 2’s and Apple TV’s, so you can connect, display, demonstrate and do amazing things to engage your students. Everyone wins!

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