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Basic eLearning

Hello and Welcome to Let’s Talk eLearning!


Merging education with  technology for the greater good.

We are in an age where many things are moving at a fast pace, the news we receive, the sports we watch, all arriving to us at break neck speeds. This can be daunting to many people as much of this information creates change for us, even if it just the change in weather.

Alongside these speeds is innovations in technology, such as the computer or the iPad and smartphones that have now changed the way we can learn. How we learn, when we learn, even what we learn, can now be presented to us on all our devices. This is exciting and challenging to many organizations, who want to enhance and enrich the work and learning experience of their ideas / products to their employees, customers or anyone interested in what they do.

This blog talks about the use of technology to educate, in many forms and with many devices. It will hopefully dispel some of the confusion or concerns people have with the word eLearning.

As always, your comments and feedback is appreciated and welcomed.

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