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iPads in Education, One School’s Experience


I had the pleasure to be introduced, via a podcast to Fraser Speirs, among other things a Computing Teacher at a small private school in Scotland.
Fraser has moved the school to a point where every student and teacher now have an iPad. Here is a quote from his blog..
“I feel that teachers aren’t looking for “new software that I can run on this computing device”, rather that they’re asking “can I make this iPad into something else useful for my teaching?.

It’s worth pausing for a moment to fully realise what a sea-change this is in educational technology”.

It is inspiring and informative to read the experience he and the school are going through and I encourage every teacher that reads this blog to check him out.  Fraser Speirs Ipad Project

I am inspired and happy to see that one of the decisions they made was not to “pigeon hole” the iPad as a text book replacement or for essays, they just handed them out and watched what staff and students would do with them. A brilliant way to allow innovation and creativity to abound.

I will continue to watch and read his experiences and will report new findings along the way.

Tell me where this could lead your school or future? The Apple iPad and the new range of Tablets due to appear will create changes and innovation in the way we learn. Become a part of it, not a victim of the change.

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