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Just in Time – Learning


Just-in-Time Learning, provides you with ability to learn and develop a skill, quickly and just at the appropriate time. For example, You are completing a special application for a client, that just happens to be siiting across from you. You know this form but are not sure of all the components, and how to complete it properly.

You activate a button on your screen and it takes you to a new window that demonstrates how to to complete the form and special items to look out for or questions to ask the client.

Just-in-Time learning is amazing when developed properly and employees are trained to use it correctly. It can dramatically reduce incorrect documents, speed up approval of applications and improve the interaction between the client and you.

But, if you don’t train your staff you might here this…”the computer is telling me to ask you …..”. Staff need to understand that the interaction of JIT is for them and NOT the client. JIT correctly used can benefit all, both in and out of the organization. Try it!

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