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Life Long Learning


The CEO of Motorola once said ” Motorola no longer wants to hire engineers with a four year degree. Instead, we want employees to have a 40 year degree.“. What he was talking about is Life Long Learning.

Many companies are now proponents of continuous learning for their employees and clients versus getting a degree and finding a job. Life long learners have a passion or interest in always learning more, something different or just building a new skill they didn’t have before.

We all continue to learn throughout our lives but life long learners crave new ideas, skills, languages or anything that enhances their knowledge and understanding of the universe around us. This is what many companies are now looking for in their employees not just a degree.

How your organisation handles LLL may be important to you as you consider which companies you want to work for. One that nurtures you and encourages you to continue to learn and grow or one that just wants you to work at a desk 8 hours a day for pay and not much more.

I remember one company I know that when you joined them, they created a 5 year learning plan to help you expand and improve your skills so you could learn, work better and improve your opportunities within the organisation.

Imagine how you would feel if your new employer was willing to invest in a 5 year plan to help you grow? Their staff retention was twice as good as others in the same industry and life long learning and investing in their employees to learn and grow was an important factor.

So consider how you and/or your employer go about building a life long learning plan to help you grow.

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