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mLearning, the Next Generation


You have heard of classroom learning, blended learning and eLearning, now here comes mLearning!

mLearning or Mobile learning uses mobile devices such as smartphones and iPod touches and even iPads to provide learning to the student.

A great example of this is in the ESL arena. Students learning English can walk down the street, listening to words and repeating them. It looks like they are talking on the phone but they could actually be doing their homework! They don’t need a classroom or a computer to complete a class or exercise.

Smartphones are the next major area for the advancement of mLearning as it is basically a computer in your pocket. Along with content being presented with audio and video, you can even connect to a virtual classroom/meeting space to attend a lecture. So even if you travel, you can attend your classes. Check out the iTunesU section of iTunes and see all the universities already building podcasts as mobile learning.

Mobile learning will also help content providers create more Just-in-Time (JIT) components so the learner can learn a new skill while on the go or while performing a new task.

The iPad pretty much expands this into a whole new form factor and capabilities but that’s another blog! Are you taking your learning on the go?

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