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Mobile Learning on the iPad


The iPad, the latest and greatest Tablet to enter the marketplace in a long time. I have used tablet computers before but nothing like this.

So let’s talk about how this one device can change the mobile learning space.

Smartphones are small light and basically a little computer in your pocket. The iPad takes most of that capability and increases the size of it my 300%. This offers the content provider an amazing wealth of real estate and opportunity to design dynamic and awe inspring learning. I have personally incorporated Captivate demos and even an avatar into learning that can be completed on the iPad. It is very convenient to consume content including learning content.

Another nice feature is the ability to attend virtual meetings or classrooms on the iPad. Many of the more prominent VMS (virutal meeting spaces) software like Adobe Connect Pro or GoToMeeting have iPad apps to give you access to your meetings from just about anywhere and now with many planes adding in-flight wifi the sky is no longer the limit.

In another post, we will discuss some of the amazing apps already available for the learner on the iPad. Once you touch one, you want one!

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