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eBooks are fast becoming the norm for many books, documents and other materials / content being moved to the web and to digital eReaders and tablets like the iPad.

I have commented before on this blog about using iPads or tablets in the classroom and for mobile learning and I support that completely. This blog is about how content providers can move their material to the digital realm. One has a number of options, such as create a complete app for iDevices, which can be expensive or use a converter to take your content and convert it to ePub format.

But Why should I use the .epub format?
Because it’s a completely open and free standard.

ePub is the Open eBook standard from the International Digital Publishing Forum ( ePub is supported in Stanza Desktop, iPhone, and iPod Touch, as well as in Adobe Digital Editions, Apple’s iBooks, and the next generation of e-ink readers like the Sony Reader.

The .epub is a standard for eBooks consists of basic XHTML for the book content, XML for descriptions, and a re-named zip file to hold it all in. Anyone can make these eBooks, and since they’re essentially just XHTML, anyone can read them.

What this means is you can quickly move your material into digital format. The caveat here is that all you have done is converted not “enhanced” the material. As you see in many publications in apps or iBooks, the use of photos, video and interactive components is valuble for the digital form.

As a creator of content, it is very handy for me to have that content on a device that allows me to hold hundreds, if not thousands of my books/documents at a time, relieiving me from carrying around paper-based versions. Now that they have become digital, I can then expand the features I want to use like interactive

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