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This is an amazing article/statement along with the photo I found on Flickr. It is so cool I had to present it here as part of my eLearning blog. I would love to hear what you think of it!

An organized system of learned behavior that is a total way of life of a people.

Each circle represents an individual with an outmodel (M) that represents its individual view of the world (color). The outmodel of each individual is heavily influenced by the outmodels of the individuals around them, and is influenced to a lesser degree by parts of the objective world with which the individual has direct contact (trees). As a group, the individuals create a common world view, or an organized system of learned behavior that is their total way of life (i.e., a culture). Commonly, individuals and groups resist changes or challenges to their world view. Thus, in the cynical view of this image, cultures clash when they meet, resulting in destruction of individuals unwilling or unable to change their colors.

Photo and prose by zachstern –

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