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Teaching People – The Power of Thirds


During that latest MacBreakWeekly podcast, Alex Lindsay made a statement about liking to train people in thirds,

  • Train their mind a 1/3
  • Train their fingers a 1/3
  • Let them play for a 1/3

This is an interesting concept to ensure that hard skills training (software for example) is successful.

Most of the time when I teach software, I present a concept/idea, demo that concept with the students performing the same operations and then letting them play or complete exercises. Thinking of that, it is the power of thirds, not that I was conciously thinking that way.

I like this idea and want to include it when I present to people who are learning about how to create training content and/or facilitating. It also promotes what I have believed for a long time, that learners need to do and practice to retain more of what they are taught.

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