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The Collaborative Aspect of eLearning


In my last post, I mentioned a very cool software package called AvayaLive Engage. It is a 3D Virtual Space.

What this means is when you enter the space, as a user, you are represented as an avatar. An image that you can make look similar to your real life you. You can walk around, meet other people in the space and converse with them.

As a learning tool, people from many locations could meet to talk, learn, and collaborate without leaving their desk or living space. All you need is a computer, and a headset with microphone.

Think about using this kind of space for learning. Learners enter the space, the host or facilitator can guide learners or allow them to explore on thier own, break them out into rooms for smaller group discussions or meet a large group in a town hall kind of setting.

The potential is unlimited!!!

I am working on an Introudction to Onboarding course that I plan to use AvayaLive engage with. I can invite learners, they can meet, learn, collaborate and even return all without leaving their present space.

If you want to check out AvayaLive engage, here is a link to their site… AvayaLive Engage

Captured image from an AvayaLive engage space.

Captured image from an AvayaLive engage space.






PS: I don’t have any financial interest in this company I just think this is a very cool and useful.


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