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The cost of using eLearning


I am contacted weekly by companies or individuals that are interested in having eLearning developed for their organisations. What many don’t understand is what it costs and what is required to create and deploy GOOD eLearning content.

Well I’m here to tell you that for every hour of good eLearning, it is going to take, at least, 50 hours of development.

Yup you heard me 50 hours. Add it up and you already have costs far greater than many companies are willing to invest. But that is what it is, an investment!

Option A: Consider having someone create some training for you, then travelling around providing to your teams. When done, what do you have? People who learned something, may have some take aways with it and not much else. Then as people leave and are hired in your organisation, who is continuing the training or maybe just throw the course notes at them and wish for the best. Not a particularly engaging way for people to learn, is it.

Option B: take the time to develop good online learning that engages, and teaches the learner the skills or knowledge they need to know, quiz them to check for understanding which helps to prove your investment. Learners can then go back and review at any time, from anywhere and new employees can also benefit from all the material, content, quizzes, etc that were built.

And it doesn’t matter where in the world those employees are, time zones or travel costs are not an issue.

Which option do you choose? A long term investment that will continue to enhance present and future employees or a quick fix. Far too many companies spend huge amounts on implementations but think the cost of training should be minimal and that is why many of those projects fail. They didn’t invest in the people who needed to know how to use the systems.

Some might talk about rapid development software that can help you in creating your content but it still takes time. Next post is about what goes into the “development cycle”.

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