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The Fifth Discipline – Learning


Peter Senge wrote in his book The Fifth Discipline, “The ability to learn faster than your competitor may be the only sustainable competitve advantage”.

So what Peter may be saying is, if you encourage your employees or organization to continue to learn, and are adapt at performing conitnuous learning better than your competitor, it will give you an advantage. I agree one hundred percent!

It is time organizations get with it and start to encourage staff to continue to learn. Static minds do not create or expand or adapt to changes easily, leaving you and your company behind.

Look at the way some technology companies work versus others.  Sales staff for one company I work with has improved it’s revenue and sales double through the use of eLearning and Just-in-Time training to enhance the sales skills of their sales teams.

It is no wonder this company wants to expand on the learning offered to employees, the proof is in the numbers.

So how does your organization stack up, are your expanding your learning offerings, even in a time of financial challenges? It may be the way to get back to more profitable times. Investment in people and knowledge is invaluable.

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