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Thoughts on Articulate 360


I have not really ever been a fan of subscription services, particularly software versions, so when Articulate announced Articulate 360 I was skeptical to say the least.

I get the point that software developers want to monetize their efforts more and more, but to the end user this is not an ideal situation to keep paying. So I didn’t upgrade until well past SL2  getting long on the tooth.

I have now started to use Articulate 360 and have to say, I am impressed by the advances and upgrades they have made since it’s launch. Particularly items such as Text to Speech and the Closed Captioning and now better integration with Rise.

Whether these were developed because the developer has more money to spend on creating new features or what, I’m not sure, but I will admit I like the direction it is going.

I have to say my only disappointment is with Storyline 3, it is not available to educators in a discounted cost, which hampers a lot of my clients from upgrading from SL2. Not everyone can afford SaaS and companies have to realize that getting educators to purchase their software, introduce it to their students, who will likely continue to use it is a good business model.

Just ask Apple about that one.

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