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Upgrading from Articulate Studio 09 to Storyline 2


I have recently had the experience to upgrade a client’s content from Studio 09 to Storyline 2.

It was assumed they would need to move to Studio 13 and then over to Storyline but this wasn’t necessary.

There were a few points I would make to help others attempting the same process…

  1. Make sure all your Engage pieces are in the exact same folder as the Studio file. Not a subfolder like they usually are, in the SAME folder. If you don’t do this, Storyline will state it can’t find the files.
  2. The Quizmaker files don’t import as easily, because there were 4 different quizzes in this module, I imported them separately, into a new scene and then copied into the scenes they needed to be in. It was just easier that way.
  3. Always check all interactions, animations and slide movements, they sometimes don’t import right. Better yet, review and re-engineer some of them to make them enticing like the new slider feature.
  4. You can only view old Engage interactions in the published version, so that is how you will need to check them.
  5. Always remember to review the player, as it will not always reconfigure from old to new. All the steps you would take to create, you need to review once you import/upgrade. Leave no stone unturned to make sure the modules works exactly as it should or better.

The conversion didn’t take too long and worked better than I had expected. This client has a lot of older content that needs a refresh and prepped for use on tablets.

Whenever I work with a client, that has existing content, I advise them to upgrade when possible. The opportunity to use additional interactions, activites and even Check for Understandings becaome enhanced by upgrading.


Oh and finally, always ask what the limitations of the client’s LMS are. Can it even run mobile/tablet versions of your Storyline content. I have run into a few that are using older versions of the LMS software, and isn’t compatible. Upgrades of any kind can be a challenge, document the steps you take so that the next time, it is even easier.

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