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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Introduction – Building an LMS in WordPress, Part 1


Recently I discovered a plugin for WordPress that allowed me to set up a Learning Management System (LMS).

I have used many open-source and commercial LMS systems over the years, probably close to 20 if all was totalled and one factor I always wanted was a simple LMS, easy for users to use and some commercial abilities.

Today, there are a bunch of plugins that offer LMS capabilities inside your WordPress site.


Over the next month, I am going to discuss what is available, what I choose, and how I felt about the experience.

Safe to say, there was a lot of trial and error to get things the way I wanted them to look and feel. I say that because from a users standpoint, it is about the experience and ease of use, as much as the quality of content and how interesting/thoughtful it was presented.

The next installment talks about WordPress the software versus the hosted site and why that is important.


Stay tuned.

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