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What does Google eBookstore do for Learners?


Google today anoounced that it is launching it’s eBookstore. Reports from many blogs indicate there will be approximately 3 millions books available, both free and for purchase. That 3 million is only part of the 15 million books Google has digitally scanned and has stored in a repository.

So what does this mean for learners?

Well for one, I think it’s the opportunity to search and carry huge numbers of books and reference materials around in our computers or tablets, allowing a learner to navigate and reference information and writings anywhere they want to learn.

Technology like the iPad and the new tablets to come offer students/learners untold opportunity to have the world at their fingertips and the ability to reference or read 15 million books means they will hold a library in their pockets.

Now this may pale in relation to the Library of Congress that holds 130 million books but most of those are not in a digital format (yet) and so Google’s actions will offer a learner more reference knowledge in a smaller space.

And, if I can read a book without going to a Library or checking it out and lugging it around, I for one am happy to have that ability.

Some people fear Google may try to control all these books, but I encourage people to support them and emphasize to Google that they are moving in the right direction. Teachers take note, this can and will affect how you teach in the future but that’s another post 🙂

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