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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Why are IT departments Suspicious of WordPress?


I have been having some more experience with implementing WordPress and LMS plugins in client environments. One of the facts I find is how suspicious IT folks are of WordPress.

A WordPress LMS is a simple and effective way to operate a Learning Management System (LMS) without the huge burden of cost and substantial implementation challenges. I have found a resistance from IT as they think minimal cost means substandard performance and efficacy.

This, of course is not the case, which has been proven over and over. It is the same reason many organizations won’t use open source software. They think free is substandard, which is NOT.


It is time for tech personnel to stop being so closed minded and look at all alternatives for their organizations, and support “out of the box” thinking.

Once I can convince a company to do that, they find  all sorts of features and opportunities they thought would cost too much for their budget.

If you feel passionate about using a WordPress LMS option, don’t take no as an answer, it will benefit your organization in the long run.

My two cents today……

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