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Why the new iTunes U is a Good Tool for Corporations


Apple announced a major update to their iTunes U today.  What can iTunes U  do for you as a learning specialist in an organization?

Well here are some tips.

  1. If you are deploying iPad’s to your employees, you can drive out learning to them using iTunes U. With the new 1 to 1 discussion feature, the learner can now discuss content with the developer or SME.
  2. For courses with prereading or other assignments, this can all be accomplished in iTunes U. So if your organization doesn’t have a Learning Management System (LMS) at this point, iTunes U can accomplish many of those features.
  3. Teachers and learners  can import content from other apps including Apple’s own Keynote, Pages, and iMovie and a number of third-party apps including Book Creator, Stop Motion, Explain Everything, and others. That will allow both teachers and students to work on teaching materials or assignments in the other apps and easily upload to iTunes U for handing in assignments, distributing content to students, or further collaboration.
  4. There are a ton of excellent courses free which an organization can connect to within iTunes U. Why pay or create something when it is likely already been built? This is a valuable resource, especially if you are a not-for-profit with limited training budget.

One organization I have worked with has provided all their management with iPads for use in the office and in meetings. This existing device can now be used to offer Leadership and organizational Planning content to help managers lead better.

If you have existing content you can use iBook Authoring tool to convert this material and use it with iTunes U.

Check it out, and look at all the features this app has and can offer. Many companies think free means poor quality, you will find that is not the case in this situation.

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